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N — 📢 Guys! You are not banned. Just muted, so we can ask some questions to our guests from AlienWorlds 😅

N — Good Afternoon @saromckenna @michaelyeates and @lifex10 and thanks for joining us here at The BlockMint ™

Rob Allen : — Thanks for having us

Sarojini — Hi all

We’re really happy to be here

Michael Yeates — hi guys

N — You guys are welcome. We are pleased to have you here with us

Sarojini — we’ve heard great things about this community so we’re psyched

N — Before diving deeper into the questions about Alien Worlds, please introduce yourself to the community and tell us a bit about your background

Sarojini — I am one of the 3 co-founders and I come from a corporate finance background before realising I wanted to be build dencentralised systems that would empower more people. I handle strategy and finance within the project

Rob Allen : — My name is Rob Allen, I deal with a lot of the game mechanics and creative direction. I’ve been involved in implementing cutting edge technology projects for over 25 years and have been full time on Crypto projects for over 3 years. I successfully managed the eosDAC airdrop and conversion between chains. I’ve also run game servers on niche platforms.

Sarojini — Previously we as a team did the 2018 viral eosDAC airdrop which is remains one of the world’s largest DAOs and is a block producer on multiple chains. We’re using much of what we learned in that project within Alien Worlds

Michael Yeates — i am the senior developer at alien worlds, i have been involved in the blockchain space since 2017. first with ethereum and then later on the eos blockchain where we built eosdac after airdropping our token onto the ethereum chain. i am very interested in decentralised governence and cross chain dapps

N — Thanks for the detailed introduction guys!

N — In a nutshell, what is Alien Worlds?

Rob Allen : — One way to view Alien Worlds is that it is a simulation of a new future where Humans have had to leave Earth (raging pandemics , climate change etc,..) and set up on newly found Alien worlds. In this new reality we have competing planets and everything its tokenised, in NFT form, from the tools people use to the minions their add to their crew to the land they mine. The first thing people are mine for the provable rare Trilium which forms the basis of the economy.

They can also mine NFTs and then there are battles and quests coming

Sarojini — A defi DAO-based metaverse that uses NFTs as part of gameplay. We have put 6 Planet DAOs into space, and they compete for control of Trilium, the ERC-20 fungible token of the metaverse. Landowners try to make their land most attractive to miners who mine Trilium and NFTs. Gamers develop different mining and staking strategies depending on the NFTs they own and collect. We’ve grown to be the 3rd biggest blockchain game in just a month (whilst still being in beta and barely publicising the game link itself) because we’ve thought about the game dynamics, incentives and depth of game play very carefully and designed a pretty compelling system.

Rob Allen : — There’s a big DAO element as well which aims to mainstream DAOs in a gamified way

Michael Yeates — it is a metaverse and in my opinion a simulation of how daos can work in the real world alongside new economics. it is a great place to experiment with these sort of things, but still very easy for people to get involved in. unlike other games, we focus on money and power being the goal which is very similar to real life :)

N — Sounds really cool. 3rd biggest blockchain game in a month whilst still being in beta is by no means a small feat. Great stuff guys!

Sarojini — Cheers :)

It’s exciting

N — If someone wants to play AlienWorlds how would they go about it?

Michael Yeates — simply visit

they will be directed to create a cloud wallet and then start to play

Step 1. get a free wax cloud wallet from and then step2. go to — we will give you a free avatar and shovel

And you can get shovelling

You can mine extra NFTs that may help you

N — That sounds pretty straightforward and no one should have any issues getting started with Alienworlds

Sarojini — Go to You need a WAX account which you can get We give you everything you need to start playing like a basic avatar, and mining tools. You can mine on other peoples’ land — you will just forfeit some of the mining rewards as commission to the landowner. Over time, as your Trilium position grows, you can stake to Planets and participate in governance and control over the Planet’s daily allocation of Trilium — but to start, just grab your basic free items and start mining TLM!

Sarojini — yes we have low barriers to entry

N — Great for mass adoption!

Sarojini — Yes :)

Rob Allen : — Low barriers to entry was one of the biggest drivers for the design decisions we have made

Sarojini — Guys — we wanted to mention, head into our channel, join and post your WAX address plus the #helloalienworlds, for the chance to win $50 of NFTs

N — That is all that needs to be done to stand a chance to win $50 of NFTs?

Sarojini — Also, our channel is a really sweet place to be anyway as there’s a ton of activity and ideas floating around

yes join our TG, post your WAX address and #helloalienworlds

N — Cool, our community will appreciate that 👌

N — A project like AlienWorlds is not cheap to develop and maintain. Please enlighten us on how you are going to monetize the game and gain funds for further development and maintenance of the project?

Sarojini -

We have already had sell out NFT sales which Cointelegraph reached out to cover

We also have a Galactic Hubs fund which provides grants out to developers and the community to grow their initiatives. And because of the Trilium incentives built into the game, our users are already forming groups and alliances to build out their own websites, offers and strategies — all happening organically.

Additionally, we plan to distribute TLM in some way to our gamer community upcoming — watch out for details of how to participate

Rob Allen : — We have also been very fortunate that a lot of the tech we are building with is stuff we have been developing for the last 3 years already.

Sarojini — So — watch this space for news of our TLM distribution to all prospective Alien Worlds gamers!

There are also a number of different incentive mechanisms for external creators and decentralised incentives for planets and landowners to build cool stuff on top of the core framework

N — That is great to know

Rob Allen : — So it’s not just us building — it is a larger community

Michael Yeates — yeah i have been very impressed in how the communities are building parts of the game with us

Rob Allen : — For example some people have started giving out their own NFTs to people mining on their land

Michael Yeates — at least 5 different communities are competing against each other

Sarojini — There are already multiple distinct ‘factions’ forming — one called the Cabal and one called the NFT Army and they are coalescing around 2 different planets. Additinally a third planet is attracting smaller stakers and a fourth apparently is becoming a Russian hub

Rob Allen : — And others have built reporting systems for the community

N — Love it guys. This sounds so interesting

Rob Allen : — This is one persons personal take that shows the potential —

N — Thanks for sharing that. Will check it out upon completion of the AMA!

N — NFT’s are amazing and a lot can be done by them. NFTs are more than just collectibles in your ecosystem too. Could you explain what role NFTs play in AlienWorlds?

Rob Allen : — There are 6 categories of NFTs in the Alien Worlds Metaverse at this time. Land is where you mine and where events can take place and for which there is a whole land roadmap, tools are used to mine Trilium, Weapons and minions will be used in the fighting game(s) and quests and avatars are your face in Alien Worlds. Artifacts will be brought on line soon and they have a variety of different properties and functions. NFTs in Alien Worlds are not just static — many can be upgraded to a new shine level and potentially have other utility that hasn’t been implemented as yet.

Sarojini — Our NFTs have game play characteristics built in to their attributes. So some land and tools (which are both NFTs) yields more Trilium when you mine it, some produces more NFTs, some can be mined more frequently. In earlier generations of NFTs, they mainly had collectible value — think CryptoPunks which is really cool if are a collector — but now NFTs have attributes recognised by the gaming smart contracts

Michael Yeates — most nfts are just images with a bit of metadata attached. we read properties of individual nfts inside the smart contracts and use then for various aspects of the gameplay (mining at the moment but others to come). we have even started modifying the nft data in real time to show a history fo how it has been used in gameplay. for example a weapon can show how many fights it has won or have it’s energy depleted and that will be recorded on the blockchain

Sarojini — You can see here some of our NFTs

and here are some packs

Rob Allen : — There are a load of attributes and a lot of gameplay centers around working out what goes well together and fits with the particular strategy you are aligned with

N — Really love the depth of the game. A lot of aspects to it. Simply amazing. Well done guys!

We believe good partnerships in addition to a supportive community are vital to a project’s success. Please tell us more about your current/prospective future partnerships?

Sarojini — Thanks — yes a few writers have alluded to the depth, it’s definitely a feature we tried to build in and because we are an extensible metaverse, we expect the richness to keep evolving so that gamers want to keep coming back every day for years to come

Rob Allen : — As we are heavily decentralised some of the biggest partnerships are actually between the Federation and the planets and the landowners. We also have linked up with a load of other projects and plan to keep expanding those link ups. For example we have previously tied up with Decentraland, Kogs, Dark country the Horrors and Crypt0Monkeys. We also have some strong media partners.

Sarojini — We have partnered with a Decentraland district, we have spent time in the $Whale community to build bridges, we have airdropped our NFTs for claiming by large holders within Axie, Sandbox, Rarible and other older NFT communities; we are in conversations about IP deals to bring some cool well loved storylines and characters to the metaverse. We are well networked within the WAX ecosystem and have done some tie-ups and plan to extend out our partnerships through the Galactic Hubs grant fund — for example offering grants for people to mod into Ark and Minecraft servers

Michael Yeates — the great thing about the game is that third parties can get involved in the game without express permission from us (ie they can drop their own nfts if they are landowners)

Sarojini — We are also excited to be bringing a significant Chinese partnership on stream shortly — which we will be announcing soon

N — Alright. Great

N — Almost all projects who are serious about their work have a roadmap. Please enlighten us about AlienWorlds roadmap and is AlienWorlds game in its final stage or can we have new features added to it down the road?

Rob Allen : — We have a roadmap for the Land but for the overall development we have a Star Route as where we are going we don’t need roads. It’s all front and centre on the website.

N — 🤣 True

Michael Yeates — we have lots of very achievable steps along the roadmap which has us adding discreet chunks of functionality. each time we add a bit more depth to the game. it keeps it easy to manage for both us and the players

Rob Allen : — Thinking more braodly Alien Worlds is a metaverse and it will be growing in weird and wonderful directions. Again, this is where the decentralised approaches work wonderfully well. I know some groups are looking to build extra games/gamified elements on top the the core foundation.

Sarojini — We have only introduced a proportion of our eventual functionality (available now is mining and staking, but fighting and quests to come). One significant achievement is being the first ERC-20 project to have a WAX layer 2

Our roadmap is the Star Route on the website and additionally we have a land roadmap Upcoming in short order is the introduction of shining, a mechanism whereby you can combine 4 NFTs along with TLM to ‘level up’ to create a new more powerful NFT. Additionally we have an NFT drop technology which Michael is innovating which allows landowners and Planets to drop NFTs which they create as extra incentives within the game

Rob Allen : — Shining (upgrading tools and avatars) will be the next feature release — Next Monday

N — Sounds good. Moving on to second segment of the AMA where we post questions from Twitter

Sarojini — Ok — we’re ready :)

N — I accidentally stumbled on AlienWorlds and since I am a newbie could you guide me how I can earn trilium and nft in the game? Do I need a certain initial investment to get going? @superlalo14

Rob Allen : — As long as you have a computer and internet you are good to go — we are all about low barriers to entry

As per the earlier question — for a WAX cloud wallet — for the Game UI

Sarojini — Simply go to whilst your WAX account is open and you can start. If you have any problems our community is very friendly and also in Discord we are available — you can also check out each Planet’s channel at

Rob Allen : — We give you a shovel and an avatar — You earn triliium by mining

Sarojini —

Michael Yeates — many people have won exclusive nfts from our partners with only a shovel

N — That’s cool

N — The token Trilium ($TLM) is a vital part of the ecosystem. How can we earn it and what is its use case? @Renan_Pavao

You already answered how to earn $TLM. Please respond to the use-case part of the question

Sarojini — You use Trilium to

Stake to Planet DAOs to increase your voting power for governors of the DAO. Each Planet’s DAO controls daily Trilium allocation

Shine up your NFTs to create new more powerful NFTs

Terraform your land, which improves its mining stats or its daily Trilium allocation to the landowner (upcoming)

Enter quests (upcoming)

Enter the Thunder Dome, or fighting arena (upcoming)

The use-case around competing for control over the Planet DAOs is already proving hugely powerful

Rob Allen : — As Saro said plus healing minions and fixing weapons and offering as incentives to other users

N — A vast majority of the investors of any cryptocurrency project look for short-term gains, rather than the true value that the project offers. So my question to you guys is — What benefit does Alienworld offer to long term investors and what would be the motivation behind them sticking to the project for a long period of time? @raggetyanne1

Rob Allen : — What we offer is an ecosystem that can continue to grow and that users can continue to grow with. We believe this is about a long term paradigm shifting way that people collaborate and have fun in virtualised societies.

Michael Yeates — the game is very open ended so once we are finished with our part, the individual planets will extend the gameplay

Sarojini — We’ve alluded to the depth of game play — because we have built an extensible metaverse rather than a stand alone product, this metaverse contains the fundamental ingredients for gamers to keep developing their strategy — and power within the metaverse — for a long time. If you see our tech blueprint you can see that the mechanics have been very carefully thought through and designed and we believe they will prove to be compelling for the long term

Additionally, we plan to partner with IP owners and external gaming communities to keep bringing new characters and storylines to the metaverse

N — Good luck 👍

N — Can you explain what Land is and why it is so rare, what makes this system special in Alien Worlds comparing it with other NFT projects such as Decentraland and Sandbox since you mention them in your medium? @RahulJayaraj9

Sarojini — Land is the only NFT that yields you TLM passively — just by owning land you earn commission from gamers mining on your land. Additionally, land is a prerequisite to offering ‘services’ into the metaverse, like healing minions and restoring tools damaged in battle Finally owning land gives you the chance to have a ‘window’ where you can display whatever you want — within reason 😊

Rob Allen : — For a start there are only 3343 parcels of land which is much lower than either decentraland or sanbox who are closer to 90000 and 160000 — Then the landowners on Alien Worlds get daily TLM allocations. The Land post that Saro put up tells the full story very well.

Michael Yeates — land is so rare and valuable that one community member recently fractionalised it by creating 100 nfts which each represent 1% of a plot of land

Chat unmuted for community questions. You can read them here

Sarojini — Remember — head into our TG, post your WAX wallet and #helloalienworlds for a chance to win a pack worth $50

N — With this we will close this session here.

We want to sincerely thanks everyone for joining us tonight here at TheBlockmint ™ specially @saromckenna @michaelyeates and @lifex10

If you have more questions or would like to discuss more about the project you can join the team in their Telegram.

Telegram —
Twitter —
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